Intervein has a facility that covers an area of 5080 sq. ft, which has ambient space, sufficiently divided into various sections like:

> Administrative department
> Analytical development lab
> Central laboratory
> IT department
> Finance department
> Sample receiving area
> Archive area
> Conference room
> Temperature Monitored Cold Storage with 2°C to 8°C Walk-In Cold Room, -20°C Deep Freezer, -70°C Deep Freezer


Intervein has infrastructure for a world class service for its national and international clients.

We have SOPs which are developed to meet the specific requirements which are based on the guidelines of ISO-15189-special criteria for medical laboratories and WHO guidelines to comply GLP. These standardized procedures enable us to give you consistent results.

Our QA structure ensures quality processes are in place and adhered to, audited and updated. With stringent QA procedures we confirm necessary validation and quality control procedures are in place and monitored throughout the trial.

Your each and every data is reviewed before reaching you.

The facility which is GLP compliant with high throughput equipments like:

1 Olympus AU400 fully automated biochemistry analyser
2 Evolis twin plus (biorad) fully auto 3 plate elisa
3 Sysmex fully auto hematology analyser
4 Urine analyser (clinitek status, BAYER)
5 Coagulator(Behink Electronic)
6 Diestro electrolyte analyser
7 BD FACScalibur- flowcytometer
8 Cobas Roche Taqman 48